Clam Processing

CMP has been manufacturing Clam processing solutions for the seafood industry for over 50 years. We manufacture complete process lines for the cooking, washing, and sight grading and packaging of Clam meat. We also manufacture individual pieces of equipment from receiving hoppers, washers, cookers, shell and meat separators, and final inspection tables. Typical production rates achieved with our standard process lines are 2000 pounds per hour and 4000 pounds per hour.

The following is a list of some of the process solutions CMP has developed and manufactured for the Clam processing industry. Our process experts can help advise you on the best equipment selection to meet your processing needs. We can also assist with payback and return on investment calculations.
Some examples of our manufacturing capabilities include: (click on link for additional details)

  • Clam meat cooking, meat separation and washing, and packaging
  • Continuous flow high pressure cooker
  • Vacuum pack sealers