Crab Processing

CMP has been manufacturing Crab processing solutions for the seafood industry for over 50 years. Whether it is Snow crab, Brown crab, Jonas crab or other varieties, CMP has supplied crab processing equipment around the world. CMP manufactures complete "turn-key" processing lines down to individual pieces of equipment and parts. We have designed and manufactured everything from single batch cooking systems to multiple batch cooking and cooling solutions to highly advanced continuous cooking equipment. We can also modify existing cooling systems by adding refrigeration coils and circulation propellers in side tanks to increase the effectiveness of the cooling process. We also manufacture everything associated with meat extraction from breakdown tables to tip crushers to leg rollers to body meat extraction.

The following is a list of some of the process solutions CMP has developed and manufactured for the Crab Processing industry. Our process experts can help advise you on the best equipment selection to meet your processing needs. We can also assist with payback and return on investment calculations.
Some examples of our manufacturing capabilities include: (click on link for additional details)

  • Crab salad meat processing
  • Cooked Snow crab section processing
  • Raw Snow crab section processing
  • Cooked Brown crab processing
  • Raw Brown crab processing
  • Crab meat extraction equipment
    • Leg and tip roller
    • Crab scoring table
    • Automated butchering table and conveyor system
    • Crab liver collection system
    • High pressure washer – crab sections
  • Crab Shellfish Stunner – humane processing of live crab and improved product quality