Floor Drains/Curbs

CMP excels at custom design, layout, fabrication, and installation of stainless steel floor drains and stainless steel curbs.

CMP manufactures both slot and trench drain systems complete with interceptors and screened catch basins. We custom manufacture these units to meet the specific floor plan requirements of our customer's process area. Our drains are manufactured in section lengths and pre-fabricate as much as possible in our shop with final assembly on site. Full purge welding is used for all joints to ensure a continuous sanitary working surface. The grating used on our trench drains is designed to withstand forklift traffic. Both designs feature an interceptor catch at the end of the drain with a stainless steel basket that can be removed for cleaning of captured grit and waste material. Our slot drain design features tabs welded along the length of the drain to ensure proper gap is maintained during the concrete pour.These tabs are removed on site once the concrete is poured and cured.

CMP also manufactures a wide variety of stainless steel curbs used to create a smooth sanitary transition from the floor to the wall joint in the process area of food plants. CMP also has a design specifically manufactured for freezer panel sections. The design is used as both a form for pouring the concrete as well as mechanical support designed to support the freezer panels which are snapped into place.